Welcome to The Mancuso Watch

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So this is my first crack at a blog.  I write regularly to our originators with Equity Prime Mortgage, so the process and content is nothing new or different.  I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and opinions, but more importantly, I hope you benefit from it.  This blog will likely be nothing like you’ve seen before.  It is hard to explain, but you will see what I mean once we get started.

To anyone who asks why I should do something like this, who knows?  We’re all a bit self-absorbed I suppose.  What I can say is that I’ve been blessed with something a bit more than market intuition.  It’s called common sense.

What you will find is that while most of the market is going nuts on headlines, the best medicine is to step back really look at the data. Even more importantly, stay grounded in reality and make your own call.  Over the next few weeks I’ll sprinkle in a few past rants along with new subject matter to both remain topical and give you some insight into my market perspectives and what I look for to determine direction and rate strategy.

Here may be just a few documentable reasons you’ll want to stay tuned:

  • Called Fed hikes overdone and impending disaster as a result on CNBC in August 2005.
  • Called for lower rates the day before December 2013 NFP when the market was expecting a 3% 10 year.
  • Called for lower rates Dec 2015
  • Called for higher rates Sept 2016

-Philip Mancuso

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