Market Lessons from Cartoons


The wonderful thing about tiggers! Is tiggers are wonderful things! Their tops are made out of rubber! Their bottoms are made out of springs!

Unfortunately we did not break the range as I suggested we might not on Friday.  If you locked, you’re welcome.  ; )  

I’d keep locking on the way up until around 2.48ish.  As we approach 2.62 it’s more of a coin toss as we’ll look for reasons to break that level. Absent of that, I’d expect another bounce. If you want to pull out to a bit more of a longer term view, the data today fits our narrative. We had some nice misses on what I’d define as tier 2 or 3 data points. We’ve got a big data week on tap, including a GDP revision.

Interestingly, we have to wait until next week for jobs numbers. One of those few times a year where the first Friday doesn’t reveal NFP.

Bulls and bears my friends.  Oh and Tiggers and Poohs I suppose.screen-shot-2017-02-27-at-2-04-01-pm

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